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 Exibition Bout FAQ

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Maria C.

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PostSubject: Exibition Bout FAQ   Sun May 11, 2008 4:04 am

-=Exibition Bout FAQ=-

What are Exibition Bouts?
Exibition Bouts are single match ups that are requested outside of an SCF event usually for fighter testing, the purpose of roleplaying or simply out of boredom.

Can my fighter earn money through non-sanctioned fights?
No. These bouts are simply for the enjoyment of the players. If you want two fighters from the same gym to face each other in a sparring session this can also take place here. If you purchase a gym, your sparring sessions can be moved to your forum.

How will this effect my fighter's rank?
It wont. These bouts are non-sanctioned, so they will not count on your fighters record, nor will it earn the fighters any money.

How do I request a fight?
Simply create a thread within the section. Note, both fighters must agree to fight before a fight is simmed.
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Exibition Bout FAQ
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