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 Future of the HCF

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Maria C.

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PostSubject: Future of the HCF   Sat Jul 12, 2008 1:28 am

After the newer weight classes are established, the HCF will nolonger be for new fighters or fighters on losing streaks, but for the New Divisions. This means:

Heavyweight Division
Light Heavyweight Division
Middleweight Division
Welterweight Division
Lightweight Division
Featherweight Division

We've decided to make it this way so that the players are not hopping back and forth inbetween orgs as well as making it less confusing for us, the administrators. The payout of those fighting on HCF cards will equal the payout of SCF, so pay the current payout attached to the HCF no mind as it will be changed in the near future.
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Future of the HCF
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