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 Create a Team FAQ

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Maria C.

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PostSubject: Create a Team FAQ   Thu Apr 10, 2008 6:52 am

How can I create a Gym?
To have your gym created, you must have at least 3 fighters. Once you have a roster set up, you can apply within this thread by dropping the name of your gym and the quote or tag line you wish to have under it.


Team Blaze
"Fight or STFU!"

What are the benefits of creating a Team?

  • Your very own Sub-Forum!
- Once you've purchased a Gym/Created a Team, a sub-forum will be created for your squad. This will make communicating with your team as a whole that much easier allowing you to lend, share or combine money with ease. You can also promote your gym in the News section as well as roleplay the training which takes place to make your fighter into the warrior that he or she is today.

  • Pay Per Fighter or Joint Gym
- Creating a Team will allow you to share, loan or combine your fighter's salaries to help each other further their careers. For example if one fighter is an SCF veteran with alot of cash and another is a new member of their team needing help finacially, or maybe you or another member of your team are a couple thousand short of level 2 or 3 training. After purchasing a gym you unlock the option to lend money to eachother in order to help eachother train at a faster pace. With PPF each member keeps their own purse, but can still lend eachother cash. With Joint Gym, earnings from all members of the team are put together under the Team Name for all members of the team to use. (Make sure that you let all members of your team know how much cash you use for training)

  • No Fighting Each other(optional)
- After purchasing a gym, members of the gym will have the option of not fighting each other if or when a division starts to thin. Even if the top guys in a Division are all your guys, they can still choose not to fight each other.

  • Team Winning Bonus
- If at least two fighters from your gym win on the same card, your team will recieve an extra $2,000.00 bonus. If all fighters win the bonus is raised to $5,000.00. If your team is under Joint Gym, bonuses will be sent to the Team Bank. If your team is PPF, bonuses will be sent to the bank of the Team Leader.

  • Purse Percentage(optional, Pay Per Fighter Perk)

- The Team Leader has the option of taking a percentage of a fighters pay from their purse. The percentage can be from 0% to 100%, the choice is theirs. The percentage goes directly to the Team Leaders Bank in Money Management. (Team Leader MUST state purse percentage in Team Introduction Page)

How much does creating a Gym Cost?
The cost of opening a Gym is a one time fee of $50,000.00.

Me and another member were thinking of creating a gym. Could we put our money together and buy gym space?
Yes. The team is still only allowed one leader however, so before you purchase a team figure out who the gym leader will be and come back to me. I'll then take the agreed amount from each fighter's bank and create the team area.

I don't want to create a gym with another member. Can I put together the cash earned from my own fighters and build a gym?
You can do this as well.

How many members can I have on my team?
You are allowed to have up to 3 fighters per weight class.
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Create a Team FAQ
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