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 Short Pre SCF 22 Interview - Arnold Hemingway

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PostSubject: Short Pre SCF 22 Interview - Arnold Hemingway   Sat Aug 23, 2008 2:59 pm

Arnold Hemingway was seen stepping out of his car and walking towards the gym when the interviewer approached him

Hey Champ! Champ, can we get a few words with you man? I know
you're about to train for your upcoming fight but this will only be a

Arnold slung his gym bag over his right shoulder and shrugged

Sure, what's up?

Not much man, we haven't heard from you in a while, are you running from us or something man?

He laughed

Nah man I've just been busy. As you see we just got
our own training camp so it's been a lot of work for all of us. That's
why none of us seem to be in the interviews like we used to be but as
soon as we're settled you can bet I'll be in the interviews all the
time like I used to be.

Yeah I've noticed the lack of interviews, is it only the training that's keeping you from doing these?

Nah, it's also the lack of opponents. That pressure
to be the best is dissapearing for me here. The Lightweight Division
started out as one of the most competitive divisions in my opinion. As
soon as the new divisions were announced everyone ran. Do you see who
I'm fighting tonight? Dude....does he even have a fight under his belt
at all here in the SCF? I mean come on...it's not even worth my time to
be in interviews talking about the guy.

Alot of people suggested that you drop down to Featherweight and be apart of the tournament but you chose not to, why?

If I would've went to Featherweight like everyone
told me to then the Lightweight Division would be dead. Officially.
There would be nothing here. Chrissy Leenig would hold it down but
there would be no opponents so she would probably move up to
Welterweight. But if I keep getting fights like this one I may have to
drop down to featherweight so that I can keep putting on great fights
with great fighters. Alot of good strikers are down at Featherweight so
the division is looking fun right now.

Featherweight Division Tournament Coming up, who's your choice to win it all?

You know Imma have to go with my boy Bobby Mercer, the kid is an animal. I just hope he doesnt get Sasha in the first round He'd laugh, then look towards his gym where he saw a few of his sparring partners waiting around for him to come in

Hey man I have to go, the squad is waiting for me

Alright champ, thanks for the interview and goodluck in your fight tonight!

No luck needed, you should send condolences to the familiy of the guy I'm fighting instead!


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PostSubject: Re: Short Pre SCF 22 Interview - Arnold Hemingway   Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:50 pm

***Jonny Steels busts out laughing in the background, with Carl quickly yelling to shut up and focus!*


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Short Pre SCF 22 Interview - Arnold Hemingway
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